Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Art Brut @ Soundfix Records 5/22/06

Art Brut in Williamsburg you better believe we left our humble outer burrough(Staten Island) 2 hours early. Sadly we still didn't get to the show until 7:40pm. Luckily we wedged our way into the dead center of the crowd and had an amazing time.

A few months ago the crowd seemed to be more enthused but Art Brut are still just as amazing. Perhaps they're over touring this album I worried before the show. I now know that to be a fool's theory. Eddie Argos is Rock and Roll preacher, evangelicly spreading the word of democratized art. Last night he changed his rant that once told everyone to form a band into a more general get out and do something rallying cry. "Write for a fanzine that I'd want to read, Make a sitcom that I'd want to watch." I s'pose we have our mission and a very focused audience to worry about (just Eddie).

Other show highlights included Eddie singing "Formed A Band" sanz mic, Eddie climbing the bar and finally Eddie calling out a new rock rival Cat Stevens for his statement about "the first cut being the deepest." Why can't you trust Cat Stevens? Sayeth Mr. Argos "He's a fecking hippie for starters." Also they played two awsome new songs (one only a week old and titled "Nag Nag Nag") that suggest relationships will be the focus of the next Art Brut release.


Blogger Terrence said...


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Blogger Pat said...


All those new things you talked about happened last week at the Knitting Factory shows. So, it's now old news. Good pics though.

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Blogger Matthew Ruiz said...

Haha that's me in the bottom right corner of the last picture, holding a camera...

Eddie almost stepped on my records (they were sitting on the stool next to me) when he tried to get down from the bar.

I'll be posting my pictures and whatnot sometime soon.

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Blogger Hel Fire said...

My penpal was at this show and sent me the link, she said it was amazing too. I saw Art Brut in London last summer, they were amazing then too. Very underrated band - good to see other bloggers out there appreciating them!

4:12 PM  

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