Monday, April 03, 2006


Ties are great. I honestly believe that. I also think hats are great but I don't wear hats. They simply don't work for me. Society would have thought me a disruptive force at some point in history. Folks who didn't wear hats were worse than communists. (Even they had those fuzzy hats.) I probably would have relented and worn an awkward hat.

I don't wear ties. I've relented to do so for temp work. (somebody hire me! to do something! anything! my email is Problem is I've spent the last few months riding on the same tie. I haven't undone the tie to avoid having to re-tie. I can't retie. I'm simply unqualified to do so. I'm all ham fisted about the process.

Thank god I could google and find this strikingly impressive site! Thanks Casper!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what the f@#$ didnt your dad ever teach you how to tie a f@#$in tie

2:38 PM  

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