Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I finally shelled out hard earned money to get a real live copy of Wold's Screech Owl, the best and least conventional metal album of the year thus far. I may be amongst the last debit card owning members of the American population to order something off of Amazon.com. My excitement to recieve this CD is palpable. I'm eagerly awaiting it's arrival and was thrilled to see my order's shipping confirmation today.

My excitement was short lived, or it would've been had the server at work opened the email with the immediacy one expects from the internet. Upon opening the email I was dismayed at the strikingly broad estimated ship time. 4-14 days. Four to Fourteen? What kind of a time line is that to keep a guy waiting? Sigh.

Decibel Interviewed Wold's ring leader Fortress Crookedjaw.

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