Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Greatest Millitary Movie of All Time

I'm slipping in my old age. Apparently last night on Pier 54* they held a public screening of the greatest military movie ever. That's right they played Stripes. I suppose I can't be too mad I missed out. A few weeks ago Stripes appeared on one of my HD channels and I watched it about 8 times in a week and half.

For those who don't know Stripes was a Bill Murray vehicle and might be the funniest performance of his career. Not to be confused with his best performances (Lost in Translation, Rushmore) or his funniest movie (Caddyshack). Stripes is Bill Murray playing "Bill Murray" to the nines. It also features excellent turns from John Candy and Harold Ramis. If you've never seen this gem well then I feel bad that you missed this screening. Get the DVD ASAP!

*Where I discovered the White Stripes many moons ago.

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