Monday, July 30, 2007

My Weekend In Rock

Oh obligations how I hate thee. Each weekend I eagerly await the extra sleep and extra booze and of course extra rock that the good lord is kind enough to guarantee to me. Some weekends however have somehting else in mind. This Saturday was guaranteed to be an amazing day in Rock wether I went with the masses to see Sonic Youth burn through their classic Daydream Nation or stayed on Staten Island for Murray's EP release extravaganza. I've gotten direct reports from both and nothing but thumbs up all around. Sigh.

Thankfully my Friday and Saturday did have some live music involved and it was uniformly good. Here's the rundown:

7/27/07 - The Deathset (Seaport) - 84% These guys are great. They were great at the Silent Barn a few months ago and it seems that they are getting better since they played so well in such a spacious environment.

7/27/07 - Suicide (Seaport) - 81% Maniacs age well. When your band starts on the fringiest of fringes you're never going to become Sting and thank god for that.

7/27/07 - Dead Rabbit (Martini Red) - 80% An off the cuff show from Staten Island's poppiest indie band. Once again good, once again begs the question: Where's the label scouts?!

7/29/07 - Celebration (McCarren Pool) - 78% A great rythmic bedrock with soaring vocals and subtle instrumentation. This band deserved more of my attention than I was willing to give, sorry guys.

7/29/07 - TV on the Radio (McCarren Pool) - 83% I've seen TVOTR about 7 times now. Tiny venues, outdoor venues, ampitheaters, shot gun shacks. They have a steady evolution thus far but this time it became apparent that their consistent quality is making it hard for me to stay interested. However they're rock stars(who knew?) and to stand in a crowd enwrapped by a band as adventurous as this is always exciting and satisfying.

Thanks to my brother for the pictures of Deathset and Dead Rabbit.

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Anonymous Smug Eric said...

As a fellow concert attendee I would like to mention that suicide have NOT aged well. They looked like, pretty much what you'd expect 2 guys who have been cool and probably living a drug & drink filled life for quite some time. Wrinkly and kind of brittle looking. None the less they sounded great. I dug it.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Tim Duffy said...

unlike "smug" i do not judge bands primarily on their appearance. i hope that no one thought my saying they'd "aged well" was an endorsement of their attractiveness.

8:15 PM  

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