Monday, July 30, 2007

MMM...The Simpsons Movie

The people have spoken giving the Simpsons Movie nearly $72 million this weekend. The critics have spoken, averaging the movie out at 81 on Metacritic. And I must say that the movie is as satisfying as I (a person who has missed 5 episodes in their original airtime, a person who owns 3 drinking cups all of which are Simpsons related, as a person who in the run up to the movie was watching on average 3 episodes a day) could have hoped. I have but one complaint. The town's folk were under used. This complaint however is unconsequential as my favourite thing about the movie was that it got back to the essence of the major 4 players, an essence that in recent years has taken a back seat to wackier plots.

The movie utilized scale for to beautiful effect making a great fluorescent dream of an animated movie. (One that for a change these days, actually features characters that are drawn and styalized in a not purposefully realistic way.) The movie uses length to delve deeply into each of the family members inner life. These are the things that movie adaptations of TV shows need to be succesful and this one has them in spades.

I for one am quite excited for the sequal which I can only assume will come sooner than the nearly 20 years we waited for this one. I've seen the movie twice and I expect to see it at least once more before it exits theaters.

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