Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Top Five Things I'm Excited About Today(Updated 10:52PM)

5. The return of Rummy. Donald Rumsfeld testified(ie: lied and stamered) in front of congress today. I'm excited to see what the Daily Show does with the footage, it's been months without some crazy shit coming out of this guy's mouth.

4. Roxy Music I know next to nothing about this band aside from the fact that Brian Eno is one of my favorite solo artists ever. As such I've decided to dedicate at least an album's length of time to them for the rest of my working week. So far so good.

3. The Best Show on WFMU I think Tom is at his best when (as in the last two weeks) the callers aren't giving him what he wants. Listen to this show!

2. Les Savy Fav added to the LCD Soundsystem/Arcade Fire Show!!! October 6th, I'll buy my ticket soon.

1. Advance screenings of movies!!! Last week I got to see Simpsons a day early, tonight it is the much anticipated Superbad, tomorrow it's Stardust which I didn't care about until I realised Ricky Gervais was in it. Best part it's all FREE!!!

****I didn't get to see Superbad, have to see it in two Wednesdays.

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