Thursday, August 02, 2007

Awesome Cover Art/An Album I'm Looking Forward To Scout Niblett's This Fool Can Die Now

Cat Power lost her angst. She also lost her quirky sense of self. Don't get me wrong The Greatest is an excellent album and an artistic triumph, but without consulting her fans Chan Marshal has had some fundemental changes. So where does your average indie kid go for bruting quirky heart breaking indie music sung by an effective female singer?

Scout Niblett! That's where! (Or who.) She's quirky, Will Oldham shows up on her forthcoming album plus she has lazer eyes on the cover! Oh and that album title also awesome: This Fool Can Die Now.

Not only is she incredibly good and indorsed by venerable indie label Asthmatic Kitty she's also been covered by label mate Jens Lekman. Her last album I Am was perfectly stark and charmingly slap dash, this new one should be substantially more fully formed as Steve Albini is manning the decks.

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