Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Supreme Court Nominee

In a striking twist George W. Bush will announce his Supreme Court nominee at 9pm. This is an odd turn of events because a single half hour after dodging questions about the nomination process and saying that he wasn't sure when he planned to make his decision, he had his wipping boy Scott McClellan back track. At this rate the Bush administration should begin back tracking before they bull shit us. But anyway it's not a big deal back track. Plus what do we know Jesus probably hit up GW and told him who to pick right after that meeting.

Here's hoping for a real loony. J-Bo our Indiana-intern thinks it's gonna be Judge Judy. My vote is for Judge Dread cause I think he's going to defend Roe v. Wade (plus since 'The Contender' sucked so bad what's Sly up to).


Blogger madman said...

Judge Dread would have been a better pick than the anti-abortion Natzi that was chosen. I like your blog--thanks.

6:55 AM  

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