Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NEW RADIOHEAD! curb your expectations

It was announced earlier this week that it would be 2008 before Radiohead dropped a new album. (Their first since 2003.) Sadness has ensued in the wake of this announcement.

To hold us all over though, the boys have plopped a new song called "arpeggi" onto the (I suppose) somewhat official fan MySpace page.

How is it? It seems awash in Kompakt Records' influence. Not the rhythmic dance oriented wing of the house though. It seems immersed in the ambient works of the German electronic label. The song floats along on a pleasant but mostly innocuous keyboard pattern and never steps the pace up above a crawl. Thom sounds resigned and hushed. Basically it's too subtle for it's own good. Not that it's a bad song. Just a bad song to be the first thing we've heard in the last four years.

It's very different than the version that hit YouTube last year.

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