Thursday, August 23, 2007

Echk, A Few Things Are Jerking My Chain Today

The Music Hall of Williamsburg used to be Northsix. As such The Music Hall of Williamsburg was my second favorite local venue. Well that was officially rendered not the case when I went to purchase Black Lips tickets for Wednesday September 19th. As it turns out The Music Hall of Williamsburg is a Ticketmaster venue. That's right the intimacy of Bowery Ballroom with the service charges of the Garden. Thanks guys.

My New Top 5 Local Venues

5. Glasslands
4. Studio B
3. Cake Shop
2. Maxwell's
1. Bowery Ballroom

Another thing, I needed a candy bar at work today. Part of me is tempted to suggest that my employer should have a multitude of candy bar options spread out on my desk in the morning but I will choose my battles. I walked over to the candy machine and purchased a Hershey bar for the bargain price of 65 cents. The price was right, but it should have been indication that something was horribly wrong. Upon pulling the presumptively delicious chocolate out of it's suspiciously misshaped packaging I realized it was probably left over from a time when candy bars actually retailed for 65 cents.

And finally, who prosecutes Bill Murray? You're a police officer working the beat in Sweden all of a sudden a slightly innebriated Bill Murray rolls by in a golf cart. Is this A) a recipe for hilarity and an opportunity for a good story or B) high time someone put a golf cart riding hero to task for induldging in a bit of the sauce? Apparently some bobby over in England thought the later. Some people are humorless and unfriendly.

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