Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Night at Glasslands

Last night I visited Glasslands and to be honest I didn't feel terribly comfy. I almost felt like me and my friends had showed up at someone else's private party. We had a great time but it seemed peculiar that the show (a return home post tour for both performers) wasn't more crowded and rowdy. Call it Wednesday night syndrome. Luckily the newly legit Glasslands has comfy couches and a really great decor. The bands were pretty swell too.

High Places (Glasslands) 91% - The most inventive young band in Brooklyn gets no credit. Well at least no press. I've seen this band, with their totally singular sound, five times this year and every time I find them as special and refreshing as the last. Here's hoping the blogs jump on these guys soon.

Eats Tapes (Glasslands) 83% - This band is a really excellent electronic duo with a Dan Deacon endorsement. Their set (the half I saw at least) was very good and they started with a game, to warm themselves and the crowd up.

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