Friday, March 03, 2006

My Dietary Day So far...

It's lent fellow christians!!! Which means no meat on Friday. I never really go in for that no meat on Friday thing, but this year I just might. A day off from meat will give my heart a little break perhaps and make me less aggressive (lord knows what a problem my aggression can be). So here's what I'm eating instead of a big juicy steak.

Egg Salad on Toast: That's right I hat mayo but I love egg salad like it's my full time effing job. (If loving egg salad could be a job I would love to know about it, by the way.) I think the toast really makes the sandwhich in this case though. Today's egg salad was a bit runnyer than usual not that I'm worried because I had...

Raisin Bran Crunch!: I loved raisins in my youth. Really they were like WHAT I ate. And yet for all the novelty of having real live raisins in your cereal bowl Raisin Bran never appealed to me. IT was the sogginess. Those flakes don't stand a chance in a bowl full of milk. But when you add fun little nut clusters it totally counter acts the incredible soggyness of the flakes. It's almost as if Kellogs was reading my blog... BEFORE I POSTED IT!!!!!!!


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