Thursday, March 09, 2006

Musical Obsession Alert: Oh, You're So Awesome Jens

Jens Lekman is currently in my top ten reasons I'm lamenting my current joblessness. Le sigh. You see Jens Lekman will be playing the Pitchfork sponsered Intonation Festival. I don't think I could commit myself to plane tickets and a hotel right now but I would love to make it out to Chicago to take in Jens' performance(to be fair I'm sure the other 34 artists and my general happiness with last year's Intonation experience, will push me over the edge of depression very soon).

Since the release of 'Oh, You're So Silent Jens' this fall,(OK, since I heard about how amazing the compilation of EP's and singles was from Pitchfork) I've become more and more obsessed with Lekman. I've begun not only downloading his own beck catalogue, but also any band he mentions in even a passing manner in interviews(José González, Scout Niblett, Maher Shalal Hash Baz).

Jens hits me in all the best ways his songs are catchy and melodicly memorable, he's got a sense of self loathing that I find apealing in any artistic endevor, and his music is the sort of post modern aschmalts pastiche that I can't find nearly as often as I'd like. But the real catch with Jens is the word play as well as the über modern lyrical references (he approaches Warren G and 2002 war protests with a sort of nostalgiac elegance that's as heart breaking as it is alien sounding).

Basically all this comes down to a simple truth: I don't care about any other musical artist nearly as much as I care about Jens Lekman right now. He's awesome, and now my fan-boy rant is over.

Awesome Jens Video!!!


Blogger Pat said...

see tim thats why you need to talk to me more. right now several of my friends and i are trying to work out the details of a summer road trip to chicago. you're more than welcome to tag along if we figure out the logistics.

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