Monday, March 13, 2006


Now I'm not necassarilly a great guy(editor's note: I'm so fucking great.). But it seems that my Karma is a bit askew. In the first quarter of 2006 I've lost what seemed liek a very sturdy job, had no luck finding a new one, gotten into a major car accident, and as most of you know last night was robbed at gun point (as a result I lost $180 and my cellphone, Village Shoppe employees can't go dropping $180 on shit willy nilly).

This is more than a little disconserting. What could I have really done to have been delt such shitty couple of months? The real problem is there seems to be nothing I could possibly do to fix all this. Well anyway I've got bad Karma. I'm considering a hair cut rastafarian style to try and shake away the bad vibes. If I cut my hair have the terrorists won?

In other tenuous connections of thing not of this relm to last night's(really this morning's as the crime happened around 1:30) incident my horoscope warned me of this shit: Tempting as it is to overindulge, gamble or engage in other risky behaviors(like walking through the ghetto late at night), today just isn't your lucky day (as in "getting away with" certain things). (like having a nice cell phone and um... money)


Anonymous sonya said...

you could ask 18 of your friends for ten dollars and get a new phone via your company (under these specific circumstances i don't think they'd say no) and as for a job... i could use a full time friend and i've got ten bucks if'n you needs it...

but either way... if you cut your hair, you may just be giving up. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and living with your hair after an altercation like such would make you strong like bull... so, cheer up and look lively...

12:18 AM  

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