Friday, September 16, 2005

Saturday Night @ Martini You Want To Be Here

"Tomorrow's Saturday, what are your plans?...Oh, well I'm going to this super cool event at Martini Red...Yeah, there's almost always good vibes down there...That's the best part is the vast selection of beer, and there's always $2 Pabst...So Anyway this band Dead Rabbit is playing, they're cool if you're into indie rock...Whatever though even if you don't like indie rock they're bringing a Lazer Light Show after they're done a couple of guys are gonna DJ...Well I'll dance if that's what the ladies request ya know what I mean?! anyway if you get a chance you should come down starts at 10ish the DJ's will surely go late, I think the band goes on around 11...anyway see ya thanks for the blowjob."

-someone cool talking to someone else cool

Don't you want to be cool? Then come down to Martini Red 372 Van Duzer 10ish Saturday


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