Friday, September 16, 2005

The Arcade Fire, David Bowie Central Park!!!

So with all due respect last night's Arcade Fire show was an effing blast. I preface that statement "with all due respect" because it seems that for every person that got to go three wanted to. Some people even had tickets, but couldn't go because of work (2 weeks til the Hold Steady!). So me and Terrence went and it was awesome. Arcade Fire is not an indie rock band. They are arena rock, opening for U2 in the next couple of weeks should be great for them. Indie rock bands don't understand extended intros and outros nearly as well as Arcade Fire (or maybe they do? I'm working on a theoretic essay called "The Built to Spill Effect, Arena Rock as Indie Influence"). Amongst these outros was an extended acapela chorus thing that seemed at once utterly juvenile and impecably proffessional. The surprise highlight of the set was an amazing version of "In the Back Seat." they rocked it up just enough.

But all that doesn't mean anything anymore because for the encore David Bowie struted on stage -looking out of place amongst the depression era garb of the Arcad Fire- looking all thin white duke style. They played two songs but really they almost could've just stood there. So in case you haven't gotten the point it was effing Awesome!!!!


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hey, David Bowie showed up...

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