Monday, August 29, 2005

VMA Observations

(I'm a sucker for watching these spectacles. So here is my first of two observations about this year's VMAs.)

Each year at the Mtv Awards the network debuts new and exciting ad campaigns. This year was no different though the adds suggested Mtv is feeling the heat from Fuse. The network has pitched itself as "Musical Television," asserting that inspite of what everyone thinks is plainly apparent they play lots of music. It is an interesting business strategy. Not dissimilar to the disasterous "New Coke" experiment that failed in the 80's (and actually helped close the gap between Pepsi and Coke further). It seem Mtv is trying to assert it's Fuse-ness inspite of the fact that they command the youth television market far more effectivly than Fuse. If Mtv expects to be more successful by trying to be more like there number 2 competitor I think it's a dumb move. But what do I know I just really like TV.


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