Monday, July 25, 2005

Joy Division I Hardly Knew Ye...

So I've recently developed an obsession with Joy Division. Has enough time passed since Interpol's breakthrough for that to be kind of cool? Well if it hasn't I guess I'll have to be lame, esspecially considering it has taken me this long to take more than a passing interest in the band (maybe I'm becoming miserable). Last week I read former itchfork writer Chris Ott's book about 'Unknown Pleassures.' It's a part of a series of books about different albums. The book however ends up being more about Joy Division then about 'Unknown Pleasures.'

The song that reverberates most with me these days is "She's Lost All Control." The high end bass line sounds like something I was trying to come up with in my rock band days (and failed miserably at). But mostly it has a certain mechanic icey-ness that makes me want to dance like an incredibly sad robot. It's really super. The other off shoot of this love affair is a secondary love affair with New Order's 'Power Corruption and Lies.' It's like Joy Division only the dancing is slightly less desperate and faster.


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