Friday, January 16, 2009

I haven't blogged all week!

I have nothing interesting to say about planes in the Hudson or the Golden Globes. Anything worth saying about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been said a million times before and can be simplified pretty easily: irrelevant.

Why would I waste your time?

Oh, I like Arthur Russell all of a sudden. Couldn't be much later on that train I suppose.

Saw Frost/Nixon Ron Howard's best movie if you ask me. (But I generally hate him as a director.)

Hmmm... top 5 things of my week:
5. Hospitals - Hairdryer Piece An awesome slice of atmospheric noise with pop burried deeper than you once thought humanly possible. Came out last year, good discovery for me though.
4. Mickey Rourke's Golden Globe In your face Sean Penn.
3. Vitamins Been sick all week, vitmains might be a false hope but when you can't breath at night you take what you can get.
2. 30 Rock and The Office Haven't watched them yet but my heart swells knowing they are on my DVR awaiting my eye's embrace.
1. Weekends It's here!

So yeah, big show tonight...



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