Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Second Opinion: ABBA vs. Lykke Li

Below is an impromptu conversation started as a result of something Tim Duffy didn't agree being said publicly by someone(in this case his brother/blogger Patrick Duffy) that Tim can reach by instant message.

3:35 PM
me: i just realized you called lykke li "perhaps the catchiest music to ever come from sweden", um abba?!?!?!?!
Patrick: hence the perhaps
me: no perhaps ABBAAAAAAAA
Patrick: yes, it was meant to be a comparative statement to elicit just this response
it captures just how catchy she is that she could be considered on that same plain
Patrick: listen, we all know and love ABBA but it's time for someone else from Sweden to shine through and not just for their quirkiness
me: fuck you, i can't believe you're doing this
Patrick: I'm not doing anything
I'm trying to help sweden
they need to stop relying on the reputation of abba
me: you reallymight have alienated me forever i hope you're happy
Patrick: Tim, I love ABBA just as much as you do
me: no
Patrick: but this is absurd
me: you
Patrick: Lykke Li is a perfectly acceptable swedish pop star
maybe it's time to come down off your high horse
and accept other swedish bands and artists
you were able to move past Klee weren't you
me: i do, but aaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Patrick: no one even remembers ABBA anymore
they think they were covering the village people
me: i'll fucking end you
Patrick: the last time you said that I had a bruise under my chine for a week
but yeah, ABBA are relics
it's time to move to the future
me: you're a fucking relic!
you're a fucking ghost!
you hear me!?
a fucking ghost!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrick: having the time of your life...dance, dance, dance...they go so well together
Abba could totally open for Lykke Li

6 minutes

3:54 PM
Patrick: that was fun
we should do it again sometime
me: fuck you

Disclaimer: It might be easy to write Tim Duffy's opinions off, as the parallels between his love of Abba and Tom Scharpling's of the Best Show on WFMU are similar and he also co-opted Tom Scharpling's "You're a ghost!" refrain. To some extent I suppose you'd be right, but co-opting the truth is always a good idea isn't it?

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Blogger PB said...

Perhaps your brother just should have said "the catchiest music from Sweden since ABBA."

It's important to qualify your hyperbole.

I haven't heard Lykke Li so I can't comment though I suspect they haven't written another "Does Your Mother Know."

4:34 PM  

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