Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Crush On St. Vincent Grew Three Sizes Today

I am quite fond of Pitchfork's guest list feature. My theory is and has always been, there is no one better to recommend things than people making things you already like. Eek, that's cumbersome. I am also quite fond of St. Vincent (otherwise known as Annie Clark) and her album Marry Me. Though now that I've read this guest list I'm going to be A LOT more into it.

Apparently the album title (once again Marry Me) is not a comment from a mid-twenties gal hungry for commitment. It is instead a reference to the greatest live action television show ever Arrested Development. I smiled and laughed and thought for minutes about how newly brilliant album title was.

Quote Annie Clark: "I only named it Marry Me because I thought Babysit Me was a little too awkward.

I mean it's-- I think, like, really good art is-- you come back to it over and over again and you always get something out of it, you can always enjoy it. And there are so many dimensions to it, there are so many levels to enjoy it. It's like the fucking Mona Lisa, the best-- well, I don't even know if I like the Mona Lisa-- but that's the best thing ever."

I'm glad she went with Marry Me over Babysit Me, subtle and beautiful.

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