Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Art Brut Songs Up On Pitchfork!!!!!!

There is an Art Brut song that has been in my head for about a half a year now. I was lucky enough to se Art Brut perform this gem at Soundfix Records and at Siren Festival and agonized over the terribly recorded versions on YouTube. Now thanks to the internet, Pitchfork, and the nature of building pre-album buzz I finally get to hear a fully realized version of the song.

It's called "Post Soothing Out" and it is available here. (embed wasn't working...)

The Fork also have two other songs from Art Brut's June 6th released It's A Bit Complicated. The other songs are not quite as good as earlier Art Brut but I've only listened to each once and shant let that deter my excitement over the new album.

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