Friday, March 30, 2007

God Save The Clientele; Owl Album Art

God Save the Clientele is amongst the albums I'm most eagerly awaiting this year. It's poised to be a shift in tone (if not overall sound) for the melancholy scots and I'm thrilled that they are streaming two songs (both very good) on their MySpace Page. One is the comparitively jolly "Bookshop Casanova," basically the happiest sounding thing the band has ever put it's imprint on. The other track is the schmaltzy and slow(in a good way) "Nothing But Sunshine". You'll be surprised (or maybe you pay as much attention to advance buzz for Merge releases as I do and you won't be surprised at all) to find that title is not ironic.

What the album also has is a lovely album cover featuring an owl(above). Owl's seem to be following me everywhere in the past year. I'm particularly fond of them being on Album covers. As a Result I've decided to post an owl album cover galery(Special thanks to opfer who posted a list of albums with owls on the cover here), Enjoy:

It was quite difficult finding a big enough jpeg of this album art, I may be the first person publishing a sizeable version. Lucky me!

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Anonymous opf said...

i'm glad you liked my list! ;)

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