Wednesday, May 17, 2006

El Perro Del Mar vs. Th Pipettes

Hmmm... I was under the impression El Perro Del Mar was the break out of the Post-Specter-Indie-Pop revival thingie. Recently extensive coverage in Pitchfork(here, here, here)suggests to me they are being groomed as ONE OF THE BIG THINGS this year.

Have I lost touch?

Is their room in indie twon for both of em?

Some things I do know:

The Pipettes are hotter, they also have at least three ote worthy singles. El Perro Del Mar has a less holky image, not to mention at least one song that beats all of the Pipettes songs(the second best single of the year so far**** "(God Knows) You Gotta Give To Get").

I'm just thinking out loud.

****Singles of the year so far.
1) T.I "What You Know Bout That"
2) El Perro Del Mar "(God Knows) You Gotta Give To Get"
3) Clipse "Mr. Me Too"
4) Herbert "Something Isn't Right"
5) Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Gold Lion"


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