Thursday, March 30, 2006

Live Music!

Prefix-Mag has the video of Jose Gonzalez on Conan from last night. He does "Heartbeats," which as you all knwo I'm partial to in general. (PS: I saw Mr. Gonzalez at his Other Music in store Monday and found him to be pretty great as far as one man finger picky folk singers go.) They also had the Knife's video of the song, but it doesn't seem functional!

Prefix also posted last night's Yeah Yeah Yeahs performance of "Gold Lion" on Letterman, but I'm not gonna link to it cuz I've decided that YYY's simply don't come off well on the T.V.

A band that does generally come off well on T.V. is The Strokes and guesss what... That's right! Prefix has their performance of "You Only Live Once" from Leno last night. Julian seems uppity. A better televised Strokes performance is them doing "Heart In A Cage" on Letterman.


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