Tuesday, April 18, 2006

President Bush: I'm The Decider," psst Flip Flop Alert!

George W. Bush "Hears the voices," that's not news. What might surprise you though is that he also "READS THE FRONT PAGE"!!!!!! He's talking of course about keeping Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld as the secratary of defense, but there's a reason that I emboldened that "reads the front page" business. George Bush once said he doesn't read the paper. Well what's changed? How come he's reading the paper? Has he decided that his intelligence and his fact finding is so shitty that he has to turn to that scourge of the elected, the press? Or is he just skimming before checking out what Hagar's up to? (Do they still print Hagar in newspapers?)

Either way he's "The Decider" and you're not.


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