Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Aziz Shows Up at Fabrice Fabrice's Crash Test Extravaganza, New Mtv Details

Aziz Ansari showed up at the show formerly known as Crash test last night joining host Fabrice Fabrice(Nick Kroll), Andy Blitz, Kristen Stahl, and um another guy. (Sorry other guy.) It was a great show. Fabrice spent his opening discussing Aziz's absence. After a lovely set from "um another guy" Fabrice introduced a familiar name... Anease(sic) Ansari (Aziz's little brother aka: IronManGLC). He did a set based on Jay Leno's book How To Be The Funniest Kid In The Whole World (Or At Least In Your Class). The kid's got talent.

So when Aziz finally came out proper (as in not as Anease. Oh, did I mention that Anease(sic) was played by Aziz? I suppose I didn't, these things get very wordy sometimes.) he had fun with the audience riffing on one member's broken arm. Eventually the Mtv show came up. He explained plainly that they (they being Human Giant) would do several of their short films (can we call them sketches or is that dismissive?) and make half hour episodes based on them. Of course you and I would already know this if we looked closer at Aziz's own site.

So there's that slice of news in a round about way. The show ended with the always adventurous Andy Blitz. I really want to check out Fabrice's own show at Riffifi in the near future it's on Thursdays and it's called Oh, Hello!


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