Friday, April 14, 2006

MTV A Safe Haven For Indie-Comedy?

The Mtv2 schedule seems to currently be built around Andy Milinokis and Wonder Showzen. But it seems they may be getting a new anchor to the schedule from a certain group of enterprising underground New York comedians.

The Apiary reports (though clarrifies with an "aleging") Aziz Ansari, Rob Heubel, Paul Sceer, and Jason Wolinder (otherwise known as Human Giant, who's website is really kind of the deckenz) have a TV show in development at Mtv. Is it going to be sketch comedy to fill the void left by Chappelle? Is it going to be some kind of ground breaking new sitcom in the veign of Stella? Is it going to be THE GREATEST COMEDY PROGRAM IN TELEVISION HISTORY????

It's too soon to tell. But I say let the unrealistic pre-emptive hyperbolic hype machine begin!!!!!!!!!!!!


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