Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Our Third Impression of The Strokes

About half of the new Strokes album is solidly enjoyable. It deserves at least as much space on my iPod as the last Thunderbirds Are Now! album. This comparrison may seem unfair as the Strokes are expected to be amongst the biggest most significant bands around and TAN! are quite simply not.

No one said artistic serendipity was a reliable career resevoire and perhaps we shouldn't be angry at the Strokes for trying out some new moves (even if said moves are kind of gawdy, by which I mean all the shredding guitar work). Why can't it be enough that five dudes got together and made a pretty okay rock album. I know in my heart that it's not enough I guess right now I just feel bad. I couldn't make an album half this good (though I could for sure choose better artwork, come on guys!). Ask yourself are you holding the Strokes up to standards you could never match?


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