Friday, December 16, 2005

Entertainers of the Year 2005 (1-5)

Each year Entertainment Weekly list 12 people as there entertainers of the year. These people tend to be the most omni-present people in culture that year with an occasional nod to certain criticly lauded entertainers. Here at A New Nuance we (meaning me) would rather get really specific and talk about people that entertained me.

1. Kanye West:

His "outburst" on the NBC Katrina telethon was the most entertaining moment of my year. Add to that the very good Common album and performances on every award show ever (he kicked the CMAs ass!), not to mention the monster that was Late Registration. Kanye entertained the shit out of me!

2. Goerge Clooney:

Syrianna was good. Well at least that's what I think I may just be too dumb to "get it." But I'm glad I tried and very few major cultural figures make you feel good even when you don't necassarily enjoy something. Plus Good Night and Good Luck is the movie of the year. It's officially I am way pro-Clooney.

3. The Cast of Arrested Development:

I wait for no show with more baited breath than this underappreciated classic. No show makes me laugh so hard. No show makes me tear up with every announcement of it's potential cancellation. If you haven't watched this show than I'm not sure I want to be your friend.

4. Aziz Ansari:

Aziz is the best comedian since Chris Rock. The hour long stand up set I watched from Aziz was the most I've laughed in one sitting all year. Add to that remarkably funny internet videos and you've got yourself a phenomena!!! Aziz-mania has yet to reach saturation level but don't you worry it's coming.

5. The Hold Steady:

Two great (and admirably drunk) performances, one stone cold indie rock classic. Best band of the year, on tha' real!!!


Anonymous Mr. Negative said...

Sufjan Stevens out-entertained the shit out of ye.

2:51 PM  

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