Friday, August 05, 2005

Have We Lost Our Voice? Lament the Dismemberment Plan.

Perhaps our voice is Eminem (chilling). Perhaps it's Coldplay (yawn). Perhap's it's Conor Oberst (drunkard). But, if you ask me our generation missed it's spokesperson (or at least it's spokes-band). The Dismemberment band were an indie rock band seemingly always on the verge of break through. They broke up amicably and with great fanfair from certain corners of the cultural fringe. I fear however, in their break up ou genreation was striped of it's unifying voice. Perhaps the band's semi-rabid indiependentness kept them from this possition. All I know is when I listen to the songs on 'Emergency and I' and 'Change' they feel like anthems. They're just emo enough to get the emo kids, hip enough to get the hip kids, catchy enough to be pop hits, and yet none of this accured. It's sad to thyink our generation will likely never have Bob Dylan or Kurt Cobain, But at least we could've had Travis Morrison (and no solo-Travis Morrison is no substitute. DP RIP


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