Monday, April 24, 2006

Pitchforkmedia and Springstein!

Check out Pitchfork this morning for Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together. Springstein gets Recomended!

I really didn';t care much about this album until I read this review. Now as a guy who loves Springstein I'm made giddy by this dangling of a statement:

"On The Seeger Sessions, Springsteen growls, warbles, groans, and gags, sounding often like Tom Waits (check the scratchy, ominous vocals on "Erie Canal") or later Bob Dylan... The resulting collection happily drowns out echoes of Springsteen's underwhelming recent efforts, and just might be the very best-- and loudest, and most inspiring-- album Bruce has produced in more than a decade."

The review was written by Amanda Petrusich.


Blogger Pat said...

His last name is SpringstEEn...not SpringstEIn!!! Silly goose!

8:30 PM  

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