Thursday, April 06, 2006

If Republicans Were Smart...

Ah the world of fiction it's a great place to live. President Bush lives there. It's where Iraq is turning a corner and is definatly NOT on the verge of civil war. It's where the deficit doesn't exist. It's also wear it's ok for him to authorize leaking classified information for politcal gin. Now he hasn't said that yet but it seems likely that he will eventually have to make a case for this. Then he'll have to explain why he's lied about it for the last three years.

Scooter Libby the first White House officially indited in the Valerie Plame case, testified today that the leaking of Plame's name was indeed authorized by the Prtesident.

If Republicans were smart they would throw their Comander in Chief to the wolves. If they werte smart a Republican Senator would call for impeachment. It'll not only make them look good it will make them look better than the Democrats which are not even whole heartedly behind censureing the Prez.

In related news this man (Harry Tailor, 61) is incredibly brave. The link to the video is on the side of this PAGE.


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