Monday, December 05, 2005

Number 32: Wilco

Whatever your opinion of A Ghost Is Born Wilco are still amongst the best most adventurous bands scouring the American landscape for new sounds. And it seems that the tight kraut-rock jams of A Ghost have translated into Wilco at their live best. The Live Kicking Television set may be Wilco's third best album and that says alot of a pre-Christmas cash in. As the band willfully moves away from their dad rock trappings (adding deconstructionsit guitar molesters to the line up, touring with the Fiery Furnaces) they embrace others (the double live album for instance). This is all part of Jeff Tweedy's plan to always confound and deflate expectation to his own desires and capablities.

So wine about a luke warm album Wilco are already miles past it.


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