Friday, September 09, 2005

Something To Look Forward To: The Constantines 'Tournament of Hearts'

I must admit when The Constantines hit Pitchfork's Best New Music in 2003 with there album 'Shine A Light' I decided not to care. Not that the idea of a Fugazi/Springstein hybrid alienated me at all, I just chose to not give a shit. I've thawed. After hearing Jim Guthrie's brilliant take on "Nighttime, Anytime" I decided to give these guys another role. There new album is likely the most impressive straight rock album of the year (two other Sub Pop releases are it's main contenders. Sleater Kinney's 'The Woods' and Wolf Parade's 'Appologies to the Queen Mary').

The album is full of songs that reach for anthem-dom (today's made up word of the day!). In spite of that it is also an amazingly spacious album, allowing all parts a chance to breath and evolve. So when the album is released on October 11th (never forget!) go buy it. If you can't wait file sharing is a beautiful thing!


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