Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tom Delay(s) Emergency Response Hearings

Tom Delay in the sure to be endless buck passathon over the hurricance Katrina emergency response, said the system was meant to work "from the bottom up." (If those people wanted to fix those levies so darned much they should've stopped educating their children or had a bake sale!) He then cancelled scheduled hearings on emergency response systems.

Hey we've put things off this much already why not? In fact damage done, no use cryng over spilt milk. Let's just not let it happen again okay champ. Yeah, don't worry no one's gonna make fun of you. Everyone make's mistakes buddy. Wipe those tears. Want a cookie? Need a nap? Did you make poopie today?

What ever happened to the federal inquiry that was supposed to get rid of this guy anyway?!


Blogger Terrence said...

I'm begining to think no inquiry will rid us of him... It's gonna take another act of god...

or maybe finding a dead hooker in his trunk will do it...

3:17 PM  

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