Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Victory By Any Other Name Would Be A Loss

I am a liberal democrat. Anyone who reads this blog should know that. But believe me when I say I am thrilled that the better man won the Georgia run off yesterday. Or the better named man at least.

Jim Martin may well have been a good moderate democrat in the senate, but could he ever weild the power of a man named Saxby Chambliss? How many people could? How would it look when a "Jim Martin" tried to hold is own? Wouldn't ever sour note coming from his mouth just strike the ear like the empty words of a man who could literally be anyone in America? The shear blandness of it all meant this win was a must in the Saxby Chambliss column.

Some will say this victory was Georgia stating their lack of support for one party government, some will say that when Chambliss won the first time around(without getting a Georgia required 51% of the vote) it was already over, some will say that for minorities and lower income Georgians the election ended last month. Well they will all be wrong. The victory of Senator Saxby Chambliss has nothing to do with ideology, political calculation, coincidence, or even the will of the voters. It just so happens that the name Saxby Chambliss is indominable.

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Blogger Chuck said...

Though a possible repost [it's late - I'm tipsy] I must reiterate my support for Orson Swindle as the most awesomely named GOP aparatchik.

12:04 AM  
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