Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Catch Up With Clark and Michael

WebTV is the idea that has been waiting to pop for a few years now. Seemingly YouTube is the big bang moment of this idea but unless TV for you is an unmitigated version of America's Funniest Home Video it's wanting for some quality control and maybe erm... SHOWS!

Not to worry though boy genius Michael Cera and his buddy Clark have created what might be the greatest WebTV show ever(as faint praise as that may currently be). That show is Clark and Michael. It's for fans of the dry banter of Flight of the Conchords, for people fond of the pregnant pauses and awkward moments of either Office, for fans of Seinfeld's kvetching, and of course for fans of Cera's work on TV's much beloved Arrested Development.

The show follows two guys ostensibly working on getting a television development deal. But really it's a show about two friends always learning to live together. (Like Perfect Strangers.) Thus far there have been 8 episodes and tomorrow is the premier of a new one so what better day than today to do so?

"But Tim," you protest. "I don't have time to watch 8 episodes of anything."

Well what if I told you that each episode topped out at 8 to 10 minutes?! Would that interest you? Cause it should. Watch it HERE!!!! In other Cera news he was very funny on Letterman below.

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