Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Endorsement: Little Children

The best movie I've seen all year is a taught, tense, occasionally funny, often disturbing movie about adultery and child molestation. It stars Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson (whom I don't recall ever seeing in anything else to be honest), the kid from the Bad News Bears, and Jennifer Connely(who seems to play something of a fifth lead to Kate Winslet's ample and oft exposed bust, hough that may just be my perception).

The film is by Todd Phillups who made In The Bedroom, a movie I've never seen. You know looking at all of this I don't even know why I walked into the theater. I'm thrilled I did though. I encourage everyone to see this movie before Borat comes out on Friday and makes every movie out irrelevent.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved "Little Children"! I was surprised how it was overlooked at the Golden Globes, but I'm hoping that it will fair better at the Oscars in a few weeks. Here's an interview I came across with actor Jackie Earle Hayley about starring in the film, and working with Winslet. You can find t here:

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