Monday, May 01, 2006

Americans Starting To See The BIG Picture

It would seem that Americans are very near sited. They elected (well 49% of them did at least) George W. Bush in 2000 with the promis of turning years of economic up turn in to an amazing $300 check! Wow! $300 for the middle and working class people of America later and billions in tax cuts for all of the government's favorite corporations really did wonders for the economy didn't it?*

However in response to sky rocketing oil prices (I promise I'm more sick of hearing about high oil prices than anyone) the GOP launched a measure that would give everyone in America a new check! For $100! For gas! What a great plan right? People will be eating out of republican's palms again in no time. Wrong!

It seems that Americans would preffer actual action rather than digging ourselves deeper in debt for what basically amounts to a useless loan from future generations, just so we can move our SUVs ten or twlve feet today. Reports (Like This One!) suggest that people are much less happy about this check than the last one.

It's like, Remember that one time you got screed by the Columbia Records house? Never again right?

* For funny observations on the $300 check please consult David Cross's comedy album It's Not Funny.


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