Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Few things aremore pleasurable than surprise new music from one of your favourite* bands. Les Savy Fav surprised me by releasing two songs to emusic. Get them here! The first "When You Wake Up A Snake" is an uncharachteristicly poppy piano-y song. The second track "Rage In The Plague Age" is a souped up standard issue Les Savy track with the propulsive base line and shards of guitar that we all have come to expect from the best Brooklyn dance punk band ever. (Best dance punk band ever period?)

After the scare last year it's great to see Les Savy Fav making music and touring on their own terms. Thanks to my big brother for pointing out these song's existence to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so is this blog thing working out for you? you dont seem to be getting many comments on your postings. maybe you need to open up a bit, like let everyone know how messed up your life is !!!!

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